Wearable Computing Prototype: Decision Support in Time-Critical Medical Care

Early prototype (~1990) of a wearable trauma care system (with Eric Horvitz playing the role of paramedic and Jim White starring as an injured cyclist). The prototyping effort focused on the combination of speech recognition, a heads-up display, and a Bayesian-network--based trauma-care diagnostic system that reasoned about the criticality of injuries from observations, and that employed value-of-information to recommend the next best patient findings to evaluate. The prototype was implemented on an early portable PC that was attached to the caregiver's belt. The project was partly funded by DARPA.

E. Horvitz and M. Shwe, Handsfree Decision Support: Toward a Non-invasive Human-Computer Interface, Nineteenth Annual Symposium on Computer Applications in Medical Care. Toward Cost-Effective Clinical Computing, November 1995.

E. Horvitz, Handsfree Decision Support, First Workshop on Wearable Computing, August 1996.

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