A Decision-Theoretic Approach to the Display of Information for Time-Critical Decisions: The Vista Project

Eric Horvitz, Sampath Srinivas, Corinne Rouokangas, Matthew Barry

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We describe a collaborative research and development effort between the Palo Alto Laboratory of the Rockwell Science Center, Rockwell Space Operations Company, and the Propulsion Systems Section of NASA Johnson Space Center to design computational tools that can manage the complexity of information displayed to human operators in high-stakes, time-critical decision contexts. We shall review an application from NASA Mission Control and describe how we integrated a probabilistic diagnostic model, and a time-dependent utility model, with techniques for managing the complexity of computer displays. The, we shall describe the behavior of VPROP, a system constructed to demonstrate promising display-management techniques. Finally, we shall describe our current research directions on the Vista II follow on project.

Keywords: Human-computer interface, time-critical reasoning, decision-theoretic inference, display management, Bayesian methods, user modeling.

In: Proceedings of SOAR-92, NASA/Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX, August 1992, National Aeronautics and Space Agency, Houston.

Author Email: horvitz@microsoft.com