Journal of the ACM: Decisions, Uncertainty, and Computation

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Adaptive Systems and Interaction
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Area Overview

The Decisions, Uncertainty, and Computation area of the Journal of the ACM provides a distinguished platform for publication of high-quality research on computational foundations of methods for representing and inferring beliefs and actions under uncertainty. Topics of interest include developments in graphical models for probabilistic and decision-theoretic inference, exact and approximate inference algorithms, learning models from data, computational models of time, persistence, and causation, Markov processes and planning under uncertainty, abstraction and qualitative inference, and decision making under scarce or uncertain resource limitations. We also invite contributions on key results on uncertainty and utility in the control, synthesis, and evaluation of computational processes, including, but not limited to, procedures for inferring belief and action.

Propospective authors should refer to information about the preparation and submission of manuscripts on the JACM web pages. Manuscripts should be sent to the area editor (

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